Septic Systems

Expert Design Saves, Initially and Over Time.

Tejas Designs & Septic Systems specializes in the design of commercial and residential wastewater systems of less than 5,000 gallons per day.

Services Provided

Tejas Designs and Septic Systems has served Central Texas for 14 years.

David Boston with his son. Owned and operated by David Boston, R.S., who brings over 30 years of experience in natural sciences to his work. With a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from Evergreen State College, David has worked in the public and private sectors at the local, state and federal levels. His experience with septic systems extends beyond design work to include installation, regulation and rule enforcement. A native of Austin with long abiding concerns for the Central Texas quality of life based on respect for our unique environment, David brings a diverse range of experience and knowledge to all Tejas Design projects. The designs of Tejas have been approved by the City of Austin, Travis County, Lower Colorado River Authority and 14 other jurisdictions, with other projects in diverse locations such as Alaska, the Bahamas, Central America, and Namibia.